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SOHO Prospecting Launches A Web Service That Delivers Coupons to Volkswagen

California’s leading web development company SOHO Prospecting today announced a new web service developed for Peak Performance that help’s Volkwagen Car-Net subscribers get diagnostic information on their vehicles as well as special discounts on services at their dealers.  The product is a Soap Web Service that delivers coupons to Volkswagen, and generates custom coupons based on the vehicle type, mileage, and dealer.

Volkswagen Car-NetThis coupon is included in VW's Vehicle Health Report (VHR) that is delivered to the owner.

“This is a custom software solution was created using the best industry security standards and is based on Microsoft .NET technology,” said the company’s President, Dale DeHart.

"It will ease the generation of client-proxy type definition, which is necessary to resolve the defined complex types in Peak web service,” said Mr. DeHart, who continued: "we pride ourselves in providing a suite of services that offer the customer ease of installation, seamless integration, and very little ongoing upkeep or management.Sample Volkswagen Car-Net Coupon

“Peak Performance will publish the SOAP XML web service for Car-Net to subscribe for available coupon offers based on customer vehicle’s VIN and mileage,” said the source. The Peak web service will provide subscribers a communication layer that is designed to securely protect the customer information, such as vehicle VIN and mileage from unwanted requests.

Highlighting the scope of the product, DeHart noted the following two notable features of the new web service:

  • An authentication token will be provided to the known subscribers, which will be assigned as a parameter value in every web service method call. This authentication token will confirm to the publisher of the web service that the subscriber is authenticated.
  • Peak web service will publish a web service method(s) which will generate two (2) coupon-offers for each customer, based on vehicle VIN and mileage, defined in the method input parameter.

The source also added that when the subscriber’s request to Peak web service is fulfilled via the Peak web service method call, the generated coupon offers for each customer provided in the method input parameter will be returned to the caller.

The returned result data of Peak web service is simply a collection of the generated coupon offers for each customer defined in the method input parameter.

ABOUT SOHO Prospecting

SOHO Prospecting was founded by Dale DeHart after over 25 years in the industry, having served at the Vice-Presidential  level of several private and publicly traded companies, and seven years as a management consultant. His experience with the difficulty of working fast and furious for his current clients and trying to focus simultaneously on marketing his services to his next clients convinced him of the need for the services that SOHO provides.

At the same time, the growth of the Internet as a marketing medium was well-apparent and search engines were the best means of gaining visibility. Today, SOHO Prospecting has become an internationally recognized, trusted provider of open source components and add-ons. SOHO prides itself on its commitment to this very specific niche, and its pursuit of technology development in this area is ongoing. SOHO’s products offer ease of installation, seamless integration, and very little ongoing upkeep or management. The SOHO team of development professionals includes web consultants, programmers, and marketing professionals who understand the growing needs of their customers - from all three perspectives.

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