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Marketing Materials

Marketing Materials and Marketing Collateral

Want marketing materials that will seal the deal? The quality of your marketing collateral is a primary consideration when working with a sophisticated client. SOHO Prospecting understands this and will design a marketing brochure, flier, or marketing newsletter that gets you the attention you deserve. Take a look at our gallery and you might agree that the variety of markets and objectives is impressive. Our clients range from agricultural to technology, construction to financial services. Yet all retain a common bond: the need for powerful communication of their marketing message. The marketing materials used can be a marketing brochure, marketing newsletter, post card design, marketing business card … you name it!

The printed word can reach thousands, spreading information about your business in which ever medium you send it. Our printed marketing materials are designed to communicate the benefits of our clients’ products and services in a way that reinforces the spoken word. A marketing brochure design that communicates your value and services, marketing newsletters that broadcast your latest accomplishments, post card designs that draw attention to your latest offers. SOHO Prospecting strives in all things to design marketing collateral that will serve your most important purpose … lead generation and closing sales.

We can help develop a marketing program for your company, including a marketing materials plan that delivers the how, where, and when your marketing materials should be distributed. This communicates the overall goal of the program so that it can be reached for the lowest cost and reaps the highest payback for our customer.

Marketing Business Cards

The simple business card design should be no afterthought when marketing your business; this could be the single most important piece of marketing collateral you produce. Businesses should be armed and ready at all times when it comes to talking about your business. Even though you may not be able to carry your marketing brochure design at all times, when someone asks for a card, you should have one in your pocket. When presenting your business or service, you should give your potential client or customer something to take with them, something that sings your song even when you aren't there. Nothing can do that as well as a superior business card design that’s well executed.

Don't make the mistake of wasting the premium marketing space on your business cards.

What good can an inexpensive business card design do when it comes to growing your business...maybe more than you think if used the right way. One of the most cost effective ways you can promote your business is through the use of a powerful business card.

The typical business card design states a name, company name, address phone, fax and perhaps e-mail. A marketing business card design states all of the above but also states at least one very powerful reason to do business with you and perhaps even an offer that helps the person who receives the card become interested right away.

Printed Marketing Materials

When it comes to printing, SOHO Prospecting has aligned itself with the finest in the field. Printing now more than ever has unlimited possibilities. Traditional press-printed means can be used in utmost capacity, to get the most out of your printing expense. Digital presses can be utilized for low quantity color printing. Today's technology allows us to utilize many means of printing our vital information, providing us with many new marketing opportunities.

Visual impact that compliments your business image is a prerequisite for any printed marketing materials. Leaving behind less than professional marketing collateral can have negative effects on your business image. Many times, home-made marketing materials are perceived as "no-experience" material and can lessen the prospect’s confidence. SOHO Prospecting has had the pleasure of designing a variety of unique and individualized sets of marketing collateral for companies including complete logo design, logo re-design, printed stationary & business cards, a marketing brochure design, sales sheets, promotional marketing materials, web sites and much more.


As marketing collateral used early in the sales cycle, brochures concisely explain the benefits of working with your company or using your solution, while enticing the prospect to want to learn more. SOHO creates a marketing brochure design sample to be used as an excellent leave-behind tool supporting your sales efforts and speaking for your company in your absence. A well-designed, well-written marketing brochure design sample is an opportunity to capture the attention of prospective clients and win them with an effective positioning statement, differentiating your products and services from those of the competition.


SOHO can help you create a company marketing newsletter that will influence prospects and keep you in the minds of clients. Newsletters are your opportunity to shine on a regular basis as an expert in your field as you keep readers up-to-date on developments at your company and informed about industry-specific news and trends. Since a marketing newsletter can provide a variety of methods for communicating your business message—news reports, feature stories, illustrations, cartoons, and puzzles—it has a wide range of appeal and impact.