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Small Business Search Engine Optimization Firm offering Search Engine Optimization Guarantee

So you have a great looking website that cost your company a lot of money to put together, but generates little to no traffic? Your website is attractive, up-to-date & easily navigable to and from site pages, but you still don't have the visitors, clicks and search engine traffic you had expected when designing your website? You are now left wondering what you can do to increase traffic to your website? Isn't it great to know that SOHO Prospecting is here to help you with your search engine optimization needs and a free SEO Site Evaluation? Before we tell you more about our Targeted Traffic Search Engine Optimization Guarantee, let us explain why if the story above sounds very similar to your own business, you should be looking into search engine optimization to find the right small business SEO company.

Did you know that your company's website attracts two types of users? The first user is the obvious human visitor landing on your site from search engines. The second user is the common search engine spider that crawls your website looking for specific material that will determine how knowledgeable your website is for a certain phrase compared to all of the millions of other sites competing for that same keyword phrase.

Without customizing your site for both these users - human visitors and search engine spiders - it is very difficult to generate online sales traffic and online sales leads. Search engine spiders are far more sophisticated than most web designers and design firms realize; which is why SOHO Prospecting is here to help your company. SOHO Prospecting is the premiere small business search engine optimization firm providing pay-per-click management and search engine optimization services your large and small business needs.

Most website owners understand that obtaining top search engine rankings for their top keywords is vital to their company's success. However, very few understand the small business SEO company process of achieving these keyword rankings through targeted search engine marketing and are not aware of free SEO site evaluation assessments. It is important not only to invest in search engine optimization specialist techniques, but also pay-per-click management techniques as well.

The Common Small Business Search Engine Optimization Guarantee

A small business search engine marketing company may guarantee top rankings for keywords with a low monthly search volume or get rankings for higher volume keywords in smaller search engines that are not relevant and probably produce a minimal amount of search engine traffic. There are really only three search engines to focus your lead generation and keyword rankings: Google, Yahoo and Bing. Combined, these three search engines total approximately 95% of all web traffic.

Unethical Search Engine Optimization Practices

No matter what you have heard in the digital world, no specific small business search marketing firm has special relationships with certain search engine companies, thereby giving your company better keyword rankings than your competitors. Since not one small business search marketing company has a special relationship with Google, Yahoo or Bing; it is nearly impossible to provide a search engine optimization guarantee relating to high search volume keywords and the unorthodox methods used to obtain these rankings.

In order to help you decipher against companies that offer results sounding too good to be true; we have provided you with a list of common, unethical small business search engine marketing practices. Although these unethical practices will get your company good search engine rankings promptly, chances are you will lose those same rankings even faster:

#1 - The High Ranked Keyword Guarantee

A small business search engine optimization firm may get your company top-ranked keywords; however these guarantees will occur via two unethical methods: 1) The keyword is anywhere between 3-5 words long; and the monthly search volume is extremely low. 2) The search engine your keywords are highly ranked on are not considered a first or second tier search engine; meaning in the bigger picture of all search engine traffic, your investment will likely not produce overall web traffic increases for a sustained period of time.

# 2 - The High Ranked Keywords through Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertisement

Many small business search engine optimization company programs may guarantee top search engine rankings which are achieved through paid advertisements known as PPC Advertisements, and are not ranked naturally. A small business search engine marketing firm counts on your lack of knowledge pertaining to the search engine marketing industry when they make these claims. Any website can obtain #1 search engine rankings in the pay-per-click section of search engines because those listing are all based on a bid-basis. Whoever pays the most for that keyword will hold that top ranking until they are either out-bid by another website or they run out of funds for their ranking.

#3 - Doorways, Mirrored Pages and Cloaked Pages

Scary tactics some so called small business search engine optimization specialist may use are methods called Doorways and Cloaked Pages. Website Doorways and Cloaked Pages involve a copy process that either builds a separate website page or an entirely different website that is mirrored to look like yours, but is hosted somewhere else-usually at the the search engine specialist company conducting your SEO work. These methods are only used to attract the search engine spiders and not on search engine human visitors. These pages temporarily get ranked well by using a redirect method-which would happen by someone clicking on your search engine result and is automatically redirected to your website. The danger of these methods is that you company could get kicked out of search engine results permanently. Or, if you decided to cancel your account with your small business search engine marketing firm, they can choose to funnel all of the traffic you should be receiving to another chosen site hosted by that small business search engine marketing company.

#4 - White Hat SEO vs. Black Hat SEO

Large and small business search engine marketing companies are typically broken up into two categories: White Hat SEO companies or Black Hat SEO companies. White Hat SEO companies use only the most ethical methods recommended by search engines; whereas Black Hat SEO companies focus mainly on trying to unravel the top secret search engine algorithms and apply search engine techniques according to the flaws in the search engine algorithms. Black Hat SEO companies will develop high rankings quickly; however, once the search engines catch on to these technology "tricks," rankings will not only disappear, but your company might be left with nothing except a banned website.

How does your website compare to your competitors? Find out today with a Free SEO Website Evaluation

SOHO Prospecting Small Business Search Engine Optimization Guarantee

Now having heard the unethical practices some small business search engine optimization marketing companies use, we hope you agree that it is meaningless to have an SEO guarantee based on keyword rankings. Google themselves say there should not be a keyword search engine optimization guarantee. However, as a White Hat SEO company, we feel there should be some realistic guarantee as to our SEO marketing services. In order to give our customers the trust and confidence in our abilities, we have crated the SOHO Prospecting Targeted Traffic Search Engine Optimization Guarantee.

The SOHO Prospecting Targeted Traffic Search Engine Optimization Guarantee states that: SOHO Prospecting promises to increase your natural search engine traffic volume 100%-500%, depending on the competitiveness of your keywords and the quality of your website pertaining to amount of SEO quality content and amount of depth in your website.

How does SOHO Prospecting determine the increase in search engine traffic volume?

When you decide to become a small business SOHO Prospecting client, SOHO Prospecting will conduct a thorough analysis of your website in order to determine a search engine volume increase baseline. SOHO Prospecting's small business search engine optimization specialist will provide a monthly Keyword Ranking Report giving you data as to: what keywords are currently being targeted; what position, in what search engine, for what page on your website the keywords show up for; and an overall website keyword rankings analysis.

Search Engine Optimization Company and Search Engine Optimization Specialist

As a bonus for becoming our client, SOHO Prospecting will give you complete access to our web analytics software. You will be given a user name and password, which will give you 24-hour access vital website stats, giving you complete control to view your company's search engine traffic presence and traffic increase.

SOHO Prospecting's small business search engine optimization specialist team is highly trained and certified in the SEO industry. If your website has a good amount of content, little-to-no flash being used on the website and is not frame-based; our small business search engine optimization specialist team is confident they can provide the following benefits to your site:

  • 100% - 1000% increase in targeted website traffic volume
  • Increased conversions and lead generation
  • Drastically reduced cost-per-lead/acquisition
  • Dominate competitor's websites
  • Broaden market share

If your small business is seriously considering small business search engine marketing firm with a search engine optimization guarantee for your site in order to create more traffic and generate new sales leads, please fill out our Contact form and one of our qualified small business SEO consultants will call you immediately. You may also contact us directly at (805) 482-2170. We look forward to helping your business gain increased visibility online!

Small Business Search Engine Optimization Firm with Free SEO Site Evaluation

Free SEO Site Evaluation Assessment

If you have questions about whether your website is search engine friendly or you have questions regarding our small business SEO company services, please fill out our free website search engine optimization evaluation form below. If you want to see how your website currently compares to your competitors, please also fill out our free SEO Site Evaluation Assessment form. It is no longer enough just to have a website; this is why it is crucial to optimize your website now and make it more search engine friendly, driving qualified traffic to your site. Please complete our simple and free small business SEO Site Evaluation Assessment form below for a personalized and detailed evaluation from our knowledgeable staff.

As a part of this complimentary evaluation service, we will evaluate your website to determine if your site is search engine friendly; if it is not search engine friendly, we will provide you with the necessary steps to make your site search engine friendly. We will also show you where your top keywords rank and how your competitors rank for those same keywords.

We understand the importance of this evaluation to your company's bottom line, which is why we promise to take the due diligence necessary to provide you with qualified answers within a timely manner. This is why your small business free SEO Site Evaluation Assessment will be e-mailed back to you within 7 days. Once again, we look forward to serving your company's SEO needs!