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Computer screen showing an ad campaign statistics.A well-managed pay per click (PPC) campaign is the most cost-effective website promotion tool and traffic generator available today. Pay per click bid management ads for your website appear alongside natural search engine results, and these ads only appear when an Internet user types the search terms relevant to your product or service.

These “focused ads” pay per click management services help to pre-qualify the website traffic that is generated. You pay only when a visitor enters your site through one of your pay per click campaign management ads. These pay per click account management services can be run seasonally to drive traffic to your website during a peak sales cycle, or run constantly to generate regular amounts of visitors over an extended period.

The most effective website traffic generator available are well-managed pay per click management services

  • Google AdWords and Yahoo Paid Placement Program Management
  • ROI Meta Tag Keyword Analysis
  • Creation of Ad Copy/Text
  • Monitor Campaign Performance

These campaigns work primarily on a bid for position basis; the higher your ad appears towards the top of the list, the more effective the ad becomes. However, Pay Per Click bid management, like traditional ads are most effective when the ad copy is alluring to your target market. With Google, only ads attracting regular visitors will continue to appear, so the key to an effective Pay Per Click campaign management is properly targeting potential visitors, managing the ad copy and bid amounts, and monitoring site traffic. SOHO Prospecting ’s copywriters are experienced in developing ads that will attract attention and bring the Internet users to your site.

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