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At SOHO, we specialize in open-source CMS development, .NET business solutions, and interconnecting web services to support clients with limited IT resources.

We follow an Agile development process, starting with defining requirements, creating prototypes, and developing the system in collaboration with our clients.

Our commitment to quality is demonstrated by our rigorous testing and quality control throughout development, with a dedicated testing group ensuring system functionality before deployment.

We provide clear deployment procedures and offer 90 days of complimentary support following system launch, along with various additional support options.

Our expert team of web consultants, programmers, and marketing professionals enables us to meet our customers' evolving needs and maintain our dedication to our specialized niche.

We are developing the glue that holds the vast resources of the Internet together: Web Services that help various web-connected databases securely communication with each other, applications that help web-centered businesses provide services to consumers, and e-commerce solutions for payment processing.

Clients with limited IT resources tend to use us as a flex resource to accommodate high production demands, or accelerate deployment of new systems.

United States based, SOHO has specialized in open-source CMS application development, .NET business system solutions, and interconnecting web services.  Our development professionals have combined programming experience of over 50 years. Our typical engagement is described below and, like our software, is flexible enough to work within most clients' business processes.

    • Broad Definition of Requirements: We begin with a meeting, or series of meetings, designed to understand and document the project objectives and kick-off the Agile development process. Our proposal summarizes those findings and defines a high-level solution, estimated development costs, and suggested timeline.  When the proposal is approved, we gather additional information and define the requirements in further detail - to the point that our developers can begin prototyping. 

    • Creating Prototypes: We create functional prototypes in the client-side application, like AngularJS or a similar framework, that illustrate the functionality, including its start and end-points, as well as user interface.

    • Developing the System: We use the functional prototype to develop the database and server-side architecture and work with the client to reach an approval stage prior to back-end development.

    • Testing and Quality Control: We test the system while still in development, but once development is complete our testing group takes over and validates system functionality independently.  This guarantees a seamless deployment into the client's production environment.

    • System Deployment: We document the Deployment Procedure and provide that to the client so that the personnel involved in the system launch have specific instructions on how it is to be done.  Most deployments are script-based and modeled in a staging environment prior to launch.

    • Production Support: Our warranty includes 90 days of free support after system launch and production support systems are provided on an annual subscription or hourly basis.

We have become an internationally recognized, trusted provider of turn-key systems, components, and add-ons. We pride ourselves on our commitment to this very specific niche, and our pursuit of technology development in this area is ongoing. Our products offer ease of installation, seamless integration, and very little ongoing upkeep or management. Our team of development professionals includes web consultants, programmers, and marketing professionals that understand the growing needs of our customers—from all three perspectives.

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