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contact-us-buttonHarness the power of GoogleTM Calendar for your organization!  SOHO's event calendar feature is integrated seamlessly into the GoogleTM Calendar application so that potential visitors and your organization can take full advantage of all the powerful features offered by Google.  This also enhances your event marketing efforts when it comes to search engine visiblity, because Google has the data right where it needs it and how it needs it with real-time synchronization.

holiday-events-webWith its large and growing feature-set, this partnership with Google is the ideal choice for your organization.  Here is just a small example of the available features:

1. Share your schedule - let your co-workers, family, and friends see your calendar, and view schedules that others have shared with you. When you know when everyone is free or busy, scheduling is a snap.
2. Get your calendar on the go - with two-way syncing to your mobile phone’s built-in calendar or a mobile version of Google Calendar that’s made for the small screen, you can access your calendar while you’re away from your desk.
3. Never forget another event again - customizable reminders help you stay on schedule. You can choose to be notified by email or get a text message sent right to your mobile phone.
calendar-app-web4. Send invitations and track RSVPs - invite other people to events on your calendar. Guests can RSVP to your events by email or via Google Calendar.
5. Instant location mapping with Google maps - visitors can instantly see the event location, get driving directions, add the map to their mobile application, and much, much, more!
6. Multiple views - Visitors can choose to view the calendar by day, week, month or a view that presents just the next four days. They can also choose an "agenda" view, which presents all scheduled events as a list rather than as a calendar view.
7. Google calendar search - in the SOHO Calendar, visitors can use Google's search technology to search not only your organization's calendars, but also their own calendar and any public calendar on Google's system.

Let's say thry're going on a trip. They can use the search function to find your events calendar and synchronize it with your own. Google Calendar returns a search engine results page (SERP) specifically formatted to show calendar results. They can then select the appropriate entry in the SERP and Google Calendar takes care of the rest. Now they've got the detailed schedule imported into their own calendar.

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