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The public is everyone, your customer could be anybody.Company Branding

SOHO Prospecting’s business strategists want to know what you and your product offer that no one else does. We almost eat and sleep with it until it’s second nature. We learn everything about your customer, and your competition. Our marketing experts discuss your product and your company. When we have enough to create your unique brand image, we craft something that speaks your benefits to your customer in the channels he sees. We position you to stand out from your competition, and convince your customer to choose you.

Marketing Materials

Looking for one place to handle all your Internet marketing consulting services and print marketing? SOHO Prospecting produces high-quality collateral to attract attention from sophisticated clients.

One piece going out one way may not be enough. We create whatever’s right for your business – a brochure with all your product benefits and specifications, a flier to tease prospects into calling, a newsletter to educate customers and remind them you’re there, or business cards that are mini ads. We suggest a campaign using one or many of them. Your client may not choose you until he’s seen your banner ad a few times. The key is knowing which media and how many advertising ‘touches’ attract your clients. We have experience with website marketing strategies, logos, brochures, direct mail and brand identity pieces, and we know how to coordinate them to reach your customers.

Managed Search Engine Marketing Services – Ventura County’s most reliable marketing company, SOHO Prospecting offers a complete SEO strategy to increase your website’s visitor traffic and overall Internet presence.

Our portfolio shows some of the pieces we’ve created for SOHO clients in technology, agriculture, construction, and financial services.

Advertising and Public Relations

Are you considering subcontracting to advertising agencies? SOHO is a full-service agency that provides a complete advertising strategy, with integrated campaigns in different media. Our campaigns include concepts, graphic design, content creation, and media choices to reach your audience. We have 73 years of combined marketing experience with clients in technology, agriculture, construction, and financial services across the U.S.

How you market depends on who your customers are. We talk with you to understand your message, what you’re saying to your customers, and what they need. We want to know everything we can about your customers – what they read, their biggest problems, products they buy, and where they live. Then we look at the media they see – where they go for news, which online sources they search, and their professional organizations. After we consider all three things – message, customers, and media – we can suggest the best strategy to grow your bottom line.

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Some of the Tools We Use

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