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Soon after a change of leadership, the need to update the group's Internet image was apparent and the leaders of the Ventura county Master Children's Choir turned to SOHO Prospecting for professional guidance. The group needed updated branding elements and an image to match the virtuosity of its young voices.

In addition, they wanted to automate collection of event entrance fees and ticketing – the days of collecting checks and tracking who has paid are long gone for this choir. They wanted a Ventura County-based Web Design and Development team that could work with them to create a simple, yet stunning glimpse into their youth choir and eliminate some of the costly administrative tasks that can drain the scarce, but valuable, resources of a non-profit agency.

SOHO stepped up the the plate with a solution that was unique, cost-effective, and easily manageable. There is no need for advanced technical skills to maintain this website, even though it is secure, has advanced event management capabilities and bullet-proof reliability. SOHO supplemented that with its Professional Website Management Services that provides the client with on-going site maintenance, hosting, and email service. All this within a budget that even a non-profit agency can appreciate.


LAMP-based server hosting, Joomla! open source CMS, dramatic photography, responsive design, built-in calendar and event management system.

Master Children's Choir of Ventura County

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