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Chances are, you’ve spent a lot of time in selecting a web design company. But how much time have you spent in selecting a hosting company?

Reliable web and ecommerce hosting

If you’re like most business people, probably not much, but you should. And at SOHO Prospecting, we’re here to make your job easier. We’re your best source for reliable web and ecommerce hosting.

Web Hosting dedicated IP address

For starters, we can offer you web hosting with a dedicated IP address. This may be crucial to the integrity of your business.

When you don’t have web hosting with dedicated IP address, you are subject to the problems of the other sites that are sharing the same IP address - the cyber neighborhood. One bad ip address on your hosting company’s server – a spammer or pornographer, for example – can tarnish the reputation of the whole cyber neighborhood.

And that means your business suffers, too—on a practical level. When a server hosts bad IP addresses, often other servers refuse e-mail sent from them. So that means your e-mails would get bounced, too.

With SOHO, you never have to worry about a bad IP address because we can provide web hosting with a dedicated IP address. That means there’s no one in the cyber neighborhood to tarnish your reputation.

Qualified, experienced and professional systems administrators

In addition, we provide reliable web and ecommerce hosting because we have qualified, experienced and professional systems administrators at SOHO. We are experienced with both Microsoft and Linux platforms.

That means you get people who can work hard to create practical web hosting solutions that are as unique as your business, including affordable web site hosting plans and affordable web design and hosting for SEO.

And, most important, you get a staff that resolves problems quickly and can make any necessary changes to your hosting arrangement with a fast, reliable turnaround making our web design and hosting for SEO very efficient as well.

So contact SOHO Prospecting today for the best affordable web site hosting plans that fit into your budget.

SOHO Prospecting – Your search optimized hosting company.

Search Optimized Hosting Service Features: $500/year

 Hosting Plans  Annual Fee  Monthly Transfer  Disk Space
 SOHO1*  $250  20 GB  2 GB
 SOHO2  $500  20 GB  4 GB
 SOHO3  $750  40 GB  5 GB
 SOHO4  $1000  50 GB  6 GB
 SOHO5  $1250  75 GB  8 GB
 SOHO6  $1500  80 GB  10 GB
 SOHO7  $1750  90 GB  12 GB
 SOHO8  $2000  100 GB  14 GB
 SOHO9  $2250  120 GB  16 GB
 SOHO10  $2750  140 GB  20 GB

* - No SSL or dedicated IP address

Domain Options
  • Access to create 100 Mailboxes (different email addresses)
    • Unlimited E-Mail Forwarding, Aliases and Auto-Responders
    • Serious Junk E-Mail Filtering and Virus Scanning
    • Junk E-Mail Filtering
    • Virus Scanning
    • Web-Based E-mail
      • Secure access to your e-mail boxes from anywhere
  • Back-Ups (protect your data)
    • ShadowDrive™ technology allows for fast data recovery
    • Available daily Amazon Cloud back-up servers protect against data loss and provide restore points for previous versions of your site
    • Monthly Off-site back-up systems protect against loss due to catastrophic failure
  • Server and Network Monitoring (protect your data)
    • Every server is monitored for uptime and service quality
    • If a server fails or goes off line, it's repaired or replaced quickly
    • Our network is monitored and maintained every minute of every day
    • Our multi-redundant network helps prevent outages or slow-downs
  • Technical support: 24/7
  • Access to 10 MySQL Databases
  • Full Development Environment
    • PHP (as a module), Perl (with many modules), Python, C, C++, Tcl, ASP, e-commerce, and more
  • Log (web stats) Analysis Tools
  • Access to Secure Server (SSL)
    • Allows for encrypted transactions between the server and Web browsers
  • Dedicated IP Address; no Block Lists

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