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  • Professional Theme: Professional fully-loaded theme included!
  • Responsive Technology: Layout adapts to mobile technology for perfect display!
  • Content Management System (CMS): Easily update all text, images, videos, colors and much more!
  • Web Pages: 10 HTML5 informational web pages included with design
  • Navigation Menu: Navigation Menu custom color scheme design with sub-menu
  • Text Content Formatting: Up to 500 words per page, text content provided by client
  • Image Content Formatting: 3 to 5 images per page, images provided by client
  • Slider Animation: Large (100% width) photo/video slider animation included!
  • Hover Images: image hover, image zoom, full-size images and more!
  • Color Matching: Our team will match your company color scheme for uniformity!
  • Custom Header: Our design team will design a beautiful custom header for your pages!
  • Custom Footer: Color coded navigation links, copyright information and sitemap link!
  • Logo Inclusion: provide our team with your logo and we'll make it shine at the top your pages!


  • Wordpress or Joomla System: Easy to update text, images, videos and much more!
  • WYSIWYG Editor: "What You See Is What You Get" easy to use friendly editor!
  • Growth-Ready: Easily add additional pages and content as needed!
  • MySQL Database: Stores all of your clients information for future marketing campaigns!
  • Dynamic Navigation Menu: Main navigation provides drop-down sub-menus for easier navigation!
  • Website Breadcrumbs Navigation: Lets visitors easily find their way as they navigate your website!
  • Search Feature: Lets your visitors easily find what they are looking for!
  • Language Translator: Automatically translates all website content to multiple languages!
  • Contact Form: Map, Directions, Contact Information and Contact Form Received Via Email!
  • Portfolio: Show off your portfolio with this beautiful portfolio gallery!
  • Power-Blog: Keep your clients updated with powerful articles and newsletters!
  • RSS Feed: Allows subscribers to stay updated using their own RSS client!


  • Hack Protection: Protects you from having hackers enter your admin section!
  • Captcha Plug-In: Increased security from automated spamming systems!


  • Website Sitemap: Complete inclusion of every web page indexing on all major search engines!
  • Advanced Web Addresses: Optimized Web Addesses replace the web page URL with your page titles!
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Rank high on all search engines for maximum visibility!


  • Add-This Social Media Plug-In: Visitors can share your web pages on Facebook, Twitter and over 300 other social networks!


  • Newsletter Subscription: Collect visitors emails for future email advertising campaigns!


  • Google Analytics: View all visitors information (number of visitors, phrase searched, referral sources, demographics, and much, much, more.)


  • Daily backups to the the Amazon Cloud for up to 30 restore-points.
  • Emails: Up to 20 Emails (more for small set-up fee)
  • Bandwidth: 20Gb bandwidth for maximum visitor capacity!
  • Storage: 5Gb of storage for all your pages, photos and videos!


  • We’ll make your updates for you.
  • Two website updates a month
  • Five new pages a year
  • A current and contemporary upgrade every three years

Latest Websites Developed By Our Team:

You are signing up for a SOHO subscription website, you agree to subscribe to this Service for a minimum contract term of 3 years at a monthly fee of $199.00.  This plan includes the following services:

  1. Annual SEO1 Level Hosting
  2. Installation and Configuration of the most current version of the award-winning WordPress or Joomla! Content Management System.
  3. Installation and Configuration of our Essentials suite of extensions, which consists of:
    1. JCE Editor
    2. XMap Site map generator
    3. Advanced Module Manager
  4. Installation, configuration, and minor customization of one template from RocketTheme or JoomlArt.
  5. Installation and configuration of one A-level Extension (Extension Levels explained here).
  6. Installation and configuration of one B-level Extension
  7. Installation and configuration of one C-level Extension
  8. Additional extensions can be installed and configured based on the pricing shown here: Extension Integration Fees
  9. Migration of up to 10 pages of client-provided, standard textual content with up to 5 images or links per page.  Content may be from an existing website or delivered in electronically editable form.
  10. 2-hours of CMS training (to make sure you can manage the site once it is launched)
  11. Regular software updates to keep the versions current.
  12. Access to the support forum for help with issues that may come up. 

Any third-party royalty or licensing fees are the responsibility of the client. Once the site is launched, you are responsible for any content changes, which can easily be made through the admin panel.  If you want SOHO to handle content or functionality changes, we have affordable prepaid Joomla and WordPress support plans or can help on an hourly basis.  

Once you've completed the 36-month contract term, you will automatically become a hosting customer on a month–to–month basis at our normal hosting rates, which can be reviewed by clicking here. If you cancel your subscription, or if we cancel it for good cause, during its contract term, you will have to pay an early termination fee. Your early termination fee will be:

Cancellation Date

Termination Fee
(% of Remaining Contract Amount)

7 days from Subscribing


Prior to go-live


After go-live



Cancellations will become effective on the last day of that month's billing cycle, and you are responsible for all charges incurred until then. Other terms and conditions can be found here.

If you understand and agree to these terms, please click the PayPal button below to complete your purchase.