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Joomla Extension Development

Welcome to SOHO Prospecting – where Joomla is king of the Open Source CMS.  As an experienced third party Joomla software developer, we offer a variety of CMS software add-on products that allow our users to maximize both the value and efficiency of their websites.  We like to think of our products as a way of helping our customers “monetize” existing traffic to their sites. SOHO's add-ons leverage the strength of the CMS by permitting and managing specific secondary functions.  Our add-on products are easy to use and offer flawless Joomla integration.

Development experience tells us that Joomla plug-ins and add-ons can be bottom-line difference makers to any website – big or small. We offer a wide range of Joomla components that expand the functionality on the most basic to the most complex of sites. There’s no wait and no costly development for the customer.  With an integrated plug-in system, our users can customize their websites to meet unique customer-driven needs.  Our products enhance the core content system, functionality, and capability of a website.  And we stand by our products.